Partners who trust me   Virginie has been perfectly integrated into the organization by responding to various translation requests with a great professionalism. Timely delivery and translation quality are the key words of her commitment.”  Yaël COLLET, French Red Cross, Youth and Voluntary Management. “I recommend Virginie who is really professional. Good relationships and reliable. I will work with her again.” Eliane POLLET, Freelance Translator. “ …I have appreciated Virginie’s collaboration for these 4 years , her self-performance, her professionalism and her highly pro-activity… the different accounts were managed with high quality… “. Eric De Cussy, Socrimex France, Key Account Manager. “It has been a pleasure working with Virginie Janvier. She has volunteered her time to translate gospel-centered resources from English into French.” Patty Cain, Translation Coordinator, Gospel Translations. “Virginie is a very nice person to work with. We had a smooth and friendly collaboration. I appreciated the quick payment too. A strongly recommended partner!” Carol Molter, Freelance Translator. “Virginie provided us with a high quality translation. We will definitively take her into account in the future. Thanks!” Zep SANTOS, Translation Agency Your Verbum. The client was very pleased with your translation and wants to assign future projects to this translator. I’ll let you know when this happens.”Nardjes LANECHE, Translation Quality (Translation Agency). We recommend Virginie’s services! “Lingo24 Ltd”.